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I think all of Walt Disney's characters were missing their pinkie fingers, a common chain saw consequence in some parts of the country, and. I know that opposable thumbs are what separates humans from most mammals. I always realized at an intellectual level they're necessary for.

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By Sasar - 15:29
Most primates (humans, apes, and Old World monkeys) and some other animals have opposable thumbs. Humans can move their thumb.
By Megul - 10:08
The thumb is the first digit (finger) of the hand. Although your thumb is not actually a finger, . It passes through the carpal tunnel in a separate tendon sheath, after which it lies between the heads of the flexor pollicis brevis. It finally attaches onto . Opposable thumbs are shared by some primates, including most catarrhines.
By Kazragar - 01:30
Humans are not the only species with an opposable thumb. many other traits individually or in combination separate us from other species.
By Shalkree - 13:02
Did you know opposable thumbs may have played a role in the and it's one of the things that separates us from other animals," Bergin says.

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