What is the refractory period? | ISSM - Penis period

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Blood that appears on the penis, several months after pink sliping. Many people wonder if having sex during menstruation has side effects. yeast infections, causing the head of the penis to become inflamed.

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By Akicage - 11:10
No, sex during periods cannot injure the uterus. There is a common perception that the mouth of the uterus opens up during periods and the penis can poke into​.
By Mazujar - 19:56
Period sex is one of those taboo subjects that no one wants to talk about, but deep down, Menstrual blood is % not harmful for the penis.
By Zurr - 07:00
In human sexuality, the refractory period is usually the recovery phase after orgasm during uninterested in further sexual activity; the penis may be hypersensitive and further sexual stimulation may feel painful during this time frame.
By Jubar - 10:52
For men, the penis becomes flaccid again and he goes through a refractory period. During the refractory period, a man doesn't think about sex or get aroused​.

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