How do orgasms affect the brain? Study investigates - Multiple orgasms brain damage

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How many orgasms can someone have? Can they damage kidneys? Is it true guys can never achieve multiple orgasms, unlike women? Though you don't need to have an orgasm to find sex pleasurable, Multiple spatially remote parts of your brain are involved in having an.

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By Mikasar - 17:59
When it comes to the human orgasm, research has primarily focused on how this intense feeling of sexual pleasure has evolved.​ In a new study, one researcher has delved into a relatively understudied area of human climax: how orgasms affect the brain.​ Described as a powerful.
By Mikale - 21:12
In particular, the female orgasm, the subject of so many myths and folk A brain scanning study showed that many areas of women's brains.
By Zucage - 13:03
It ended with an explosion in my brain. An orgasm almost killed me! . The pain caused my damaged brain to shut down; I felt my mind.
By Kajizuru - 12:22
From the G-spot to multiple orgasms, female sexuality has presented many mysteries. Women's brains still receive signals from the genitals after orgasm, “Women with spinal cord injury who could not feel their clitoris.

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